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Here on ROXOLB you can find many images, videos, files and other archives of many ROBLOX memories! Our extensive collection contains thousands of files uploaded by players frequently, ranging from 2006 to 2011.
Also available is a complete and authentic website for ROBLOX as it was seen in 2007, so you can play as if it were then. This area of our archive is only available for users who can provide identification of accounts older than 2010. That said, we frequently update our Discord Server with news and information, so make sure to check it out here;

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    You can contact us via email using [email protected] or our Discord using Roxolb#1655.

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    Provide proof of identification, showing that you played Roblox before late 2012. Breached accounts will not be permitted.

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    We're busy people and don't have time to check applications every day. Whilst you're waiting, you can check out our public forum or extensive archives!


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Using various internet archives, research and our own personal documents, we were able to recreate the ROBLOX site throughout 2007 and recover various lost media from 2006-2008.

Although the site is private, you may request access asking Roxolb#1655 on Discord. Please provide valid evidence that you are a player of ROBLOX from 2006-2010.


After discovering our old PC was in working order, we were able to recover many of our childhood relics; namely ROBLOX. After playing ROBLOX for most of our childhood, we had built a large collection of fil, images, videos and even HTML pages, which are now being hosted on our website. Our site is now open to other users to upload and archive their ROBLOX memories and media.

If you are or know any users who played before 2008, please contact us!